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Car covers are a very important accessory that performs several functions at once. It is necessary to protect the upholstery from dirt, mechanical damage. Covers protect the care of the cabin and make travel more comfortable.

How to choose a fabric for car covers?Modern car fabrics are presented in a huge variety. Models presented in our catalog, please please high quality and durability. The materials from which they are made, meet the necessary criteria:

wear resistance;durability;Resistance to UV rays and temperature fluctuations;ease of care.When choosing a fabric for car covers, you should be guided by several factors:

Specifics of operation. In case of daily use of a car, frequent transportation of passengers, children, animals, it is better to choose more wear-resistant materials. Smokers should refuse fabrics that absorb odor. The presence of climate control allows you to level out the disadvantages of different options (the ability to heat, air permeability, etc.).Interior of the salon. It is important to remember about the aesthetic side as well. Covers can transform the interior of the car, and can severely spoil it. The best options will be those that match the upholstery and panels.Modern protective covers for car seats are made of special durable and flexible types of fabrics. Standard universal cover consists of 3 layers:

Outer. Made of thick and durable fabrics, and the side parts of the cover is combined with elastic materials, thereby relieving the load on the seams of the product and contributing to a snug fit on the seat.Inner. Is made of foam rubber or other soft and porous filler with thickness of 4-6 mm, which provides additional comfort.Bottom. This is a hemmed mesh, which is used to ensure that the inner porous layer is not damaged.

MaterialsThe materials from which the car covers are made, determine not only the appearance of the interior, but also the degree of comfort of the driver and passengers during the trip. In addition, they also determine the peculiarities of care and service life of car covers.

LeatherThis material is considered the most prestigious and expensive. Covers made of leather sew to order, necessarily strictly according to the size of car seats. Such covers significantly transform the car interior. They are durable, resilient and look attractive. You can choose any color of leather, and care is quite simple: dust or spilled liquid can be removed with a clean cloth, and you can get a shine with special polishes. However, in summer such covers can get very hot, and in winter it seems too cold.

Eco leatherPolymer material is made by evenly placing a polymer film on the cotton backing, which attracts wear resistance. Synthetic latex, rubber, polypropylene and other components are used as a polymer. Soft and supple eco leather can fully replicate the pattern of natural leather, even to distinguish them from each other is not easy. At the same time, artificial leather is several times cheaper than its natural counterpart. Eco-leather has high density, breathability and can be made in different shades.

VelourPleasant to the touch and outwardly very attractive velvet fabric. Velours are often confused with suede, but these materials differ in the height of pile: velours have shorter and softer pile. Filled velour is soft, it will not burn your skin in summer, warming up under the sun, and it is able to keep warm in winter. It requires little maintenance, is resistant to scratches and mechanical damage.

Jacquard .This fabric can be made with complicated or simple weaving techniques. It is made of natural (cotton, linen, wool, silk) or polyester fabrics. Among the advantages of jacquard are durability, aesthetics, wide range of colors, breathability and resistance to dust and dirt.

VinylPolyvinyl chloride is considered a synthetic product - it contains plastic, rubber, resin, dye and an adhesive component. The material has a smooth and even surface, long holds a given shape, has a uniform and monochrome color. Vinyl is able to retain moisture on the surface, preventing its penetration into the chair itself. Fabric has resistance to tears and mechanical damage, besides it is easy to take care of.

Jacquard .This material is created from natural and polymeric fibers. There are a great number of interwoven threads per 1 cm2, providing attractiveness and durability. Sometimes jacquard patterns can be voluminous. It is a light and unkinkable fabric. Car Covers made of it are resistant to wear and tear and retain their attractive appearance for decades. They can be washed, as the fabric does not shed or deform.

MeshMesh made of polyester or nylon has 3 layers of interwoven threads - they form cells. These cells decrease in size with each successive layer, while the thickness of the fabric remains unchanged, as well as the direction of the fibres.

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