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Here is a map to our location. We are located at 1500 N. Oracle Rd.  between Grant Rd. and Drachman St. on the east side of Oracle Rd. just north of Adams St.  If you need detailed directions please give us a call or click on the link below. Please stop by and visit if you are in the area.

Which is better - alcantara or eco-leather?

A stylish car interior can be trimmed with austere leather or a delicate fleecy material. In the last century, it could only be suede. Fleece fabrics were not strong enough for car seats.

Not surprisingly, with the development of chemistry began to appear imitations of the velvety texture of suede. At the same time they tried to exclude однодневные экскурсии по москве на автобусе the disadvantages - starchiness, tendency to sallow quickly, complexity of damage restoration.

There are some speculations and fiction connected with alcantara. Most likely the first samples that came to Russia were sold to customers as real suede.

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What are alcantara covers
Alcantara covers never look budget-friendly. Its real value corresponds to the stated quality. It surpasses all known upholstery materials in durability, ease of care and comfort. Real alcantara, i.e. made in accordance with patented technology is produced only in Japan and Italy.

When choosing the upholstery from alcantara or eco leather, the decision is quite simple. If the car owner does not like to sit on a cold seat in winter, you need something warm. When classifying, alcantara is more often referred to fabrics. Leather and leatherette causes other tactile sensations.

When asked what this material is, car dealers no longer answer: "artificial suede". Alcantara is positioned as expensive prestigious upholstery, which has no analogues of natural origin. The fluffy surface creates the thinnest air layer between the seat and the driver's body. It is equally comfortable to sit in such an armchair in cold and hot weather. Velour or flock has a traitorous synthetic sheen, unpleasant in hot summer.

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Alcantara and other suede materials
What's the difference between alcantara and other fabrics? It's important because suede-like leatherette from China costs many times less. The recognition of Alcantara as an artificial material opens up the door to deceiving naive customers.

Alcantara is supplied to Russia by official dealers of Alcantara SPA. This is a joint venture between the Italian concern Eni and a Japanese chemical company, which owns the patent. The correct designation of the material is ultramicrofiber.

The Japanese origin is reflected not only in its unique properties. Some technological processes sound Japanese romantically. For example, the interweaving of the finest fibers means "islands in the sea" in Japanese.

The high price is the result of complex transformations of polyurethane fibers. Part of the processes combines textile and natural leather technologies. The resulting structure is similar to suede in breathability and softness. At the same time, the material surpasses animal leather in terms of strength, wear resistance and durability.

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Properties of Alcantara and analogues
Alcantara refers to non-flammable materials. This property helps distinguish it from other types of artificial suede. There are many of them on the market, of varying quality, at affordable prices.

Manufacturing firms honestly label their products.

Production of microfiber in different densities is established in many countries. It is up to the customer to decide which car covers are better - made of expensive luxury supermaterial or of a budget substitute suede. It can be nice to look at. But it stretches worse, the fluff is stiffer, it will be rubbed and the bends of the seats will be greasy faster. A cigarette can burn through the new cover.

When ordering car seat and interior upgrades, don't be gullible. The customer may be slipped a faux-suede catalog in a foreign language. The manager will swear that it is "natural alcantara". Immediately you need to find the address of the manufacturer. This material is not made in China. And ultramicrofiber has never been called "alcantara." It has nothing to do with Spanish or Arabic.

Alcantara entered the market as a new luxury trim. It was used in the interiors of expensive hotels and private yachts. It stood up to the rigors of the sea and appealed to car manufacturers. In the luxury car segment, the trim is offered with a choice of alcantara or leather. Both materials fit into exclusive car salons.

Auto covers manufacturers are more satisfied with alcantara or eco leather. Natural leather is being slowly removed from the list of prestigious materials. There is too much fuss with it when cutting. Car manufacturers pretend to agree with arguments of animal advocates. The pluses and technological advantages of the durable synthetic fabrics and leatherette are obvious. The car seats of starter models are upholstered in these materials.
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