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Cars come off the assembly line with a neutral-colored interior. But every driver has his own idea of beauty. Not everyone is limited to buying mats and seat covers. Reupholstering the interior of the car is a dream for many owners of new cars.

How much does it cost to have the interior upholstered

This type of tuning is in demand in the capitals. Interior design is a matter of prestige. The shine of leather chairs is a status symbol.

The cost of the service in Moscow is the highest. In the regions the prices for replacing the cover or upholstery are lower, but there is less choice of materials. Sometimes the final estimate is not inferior to the capital's price list. Not in any workshop retouching will be done qualitatively.

Retouching the whole salon is a costly event. You will have to leave the car with a master or in an auto studio. The time is counted in weeks. He performs the sewing of each case by hand. In the firm retouching the interior of the car is spread over technological areas. Several specialists are working. Tuning is completed more quickly.

To finish the interior textiles, leatherette, alcantara need a sewing shop. Covers for upholstered seats are sewn on industrial equipment. It takes a few hours to sew the covers. Upholstery interior natural leather is performed leather workers.

It is not easy to carefully dismantle the old upholstery. Some of the plastic parts are impossible to remove without damaging the fasteners. Fitters need to know the interior of any car. Reupholstering requires careful disassembly.

Customers fear that they will not get the desired result for their money. Fears are fair. It happens that instead of genuine leather sew upholstery for seats made of eco leather. They use cheap analogues instead of alcantara for the cover.

Sometimes under the signboard "Tuning Studio" there is a control room. It sends orders to the executors. The car is sent to the workshop of a large company or to the garage of a private master. The customer overpays at least 10% for the sewing of each cover.

Therefore, those who want to change the interior of a car roll up their sleeves. It seems that the reupholstering is not difficult.

Updating car interior with your own hands

Russian motorists often devote their leisure time to the modernization of the interior. There are a lot of photos and video reports on the internet.

Artisans demonstrate sewing seat covers. The doors and ceiling of the car are pasted in the kitchens of apartments and garages. Men sit down for a sewing machine. They cut and stitch car seat covers. Re-stitching forces the mastery of the needle and thimble.

Many instructions on how to update the interior of the car with your own hands. But the reports of amateur craftsmen repeat the problems:

Choosing and buying material

Ordering leather over the Internet is risky. Sometimes the photo in the product card is not this material at all. It's just a pretty picture. Not all suppliers are willing to sell 3 meters of eco leather or alcantara at a wholesale price.

Masters tell in reports about the purchase of the material in car repair shops. Savings on seat upholstery are small. Others are proud to share their experience of trimming the interior of their car with furniture textiles. For sewing seat covers and seat covers, furniture velour is good.

Without experience, it is difficult to decide how many square metres you need for the seats and the interior. How much you need for allowances and details of complex shapes. Some of the material will go to waste.


Special two-component compounds are not sold in small containers. They are delivered in barrels to factories and car dealers. The glue is selected by technologists for automobile plastic. Therefore, for the interior trim by your own forces get glue in the tuning firms. Or experiment with glue from stores. Recommendations from the Internet will help with the choice.

In addition to glue, you need to pick up solvents for cleaning surfaces. Study the technology of gluing materials with different structures. For example, plastic and leather parts. Learn how to distribute the glue in a layer of the right thickness.

To sew parts from dense fabric or eco-leather, the sewing machine must be set up correctly. There are tips to buy an industrial machine. For complex operations such as edging household machines are not adapted.

Stitching on the seat covers should be smooth. It is carried out with a special foot and two needles.

Dozens of workshops demonstrate the sewing process. In hundreds of articles - instructions on the choice of thread, foot and needle.

But making chair covers is a craft. For the first time, the curves of the cover turn out with folds and creases. It is impossible to pull them evenly over the chair. You need a lot of experience to sew at the speed of seamstresses in a tailor's shop. It will not be possible to make a beautiful reupholstering of seats at the first time.

Hand decorative stitching is done on the convex surfaces of the interior. A piece of expensive leather is easy to ruin. Excessive punctures on the natural material will be noticeable.


The auto shop has a mold for any car seat cover. For an exclusive order the designer will quickly take measurements and make a pattern. All upholstery details will fit exactly in place.

Retouching the seats and interior trim by yourself requires a lot of time. For example, to remove the pattern of the worn out cover, you must cut all seams.

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